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The United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of the world, bar none. The reason: we are a Judeo-Christian country.

The United States of America has led the world in discoveries, inventions, and medical advancements.

  Benjamin Franklin

Discovered electricity that powered innovation

  Thomas Alva Edison

Invented the light bulb and lit up the world

  Alexander Graham Bell

Invented the telephone that led to today’s vast telecommunication systems including the Internet

  The Wright Brothers

Invented powered flight, which brought the world closer together

These are all discoveries and inventions that America has shared with the world to make it a better place. There is no doubt, that all of these were the blessings that Christ bestowed upon our country because our founders recognized Him as the source of all our blessings, power, and protection. For without Him, we would never have become the great nation that gave hope and solace to the rest of the world.

In 1832, Durrie & Peck of Louisville, Kentucky published a book titled History of the United States. The author was Noah Webster, a man whose literary genius played an important role in the founding of this great country. Noah was known to many as the Schoolmaster to America. A few of his contributions included publishing the Blue-Backed Speller, which was used in classrooms for more than 150 years, and authoring the first American dictionary, which contained the most Biblical references than any other publication of its time. Noah started his dictionary at age 43 and completed the publication at age 70.

The book, History of the United States, was unique, not because it was authored by one of our most outspoken Christian founding fathers, but because of where Noah begins the book. Chapter One is titled Origin of the Human Race. The first line of the first paragraph reads as follows:

Section 1. Of the first man. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the sun, moon and stars...

His source: the Bible. Remember, the name of the book is History of the United States.

So why would such a learned man begin this book at a point in time that was about six thousand years before the start of this great country?

Well, like many individuals throughout world history, Noah knew that God was the author of all history. Noah was enlightening and educating the world to the fact that everything God had accomplished since creating heaven and earth, led to the creation of the greatest country ever known to mankind. A country founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs because our founders were impacted and inspired by the Bible.

Noah was convinced that education was useless without the Bible as its foundation. He stated...

In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government, ought to be instructed… No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.

Noah wasn’t wrong! Our failing school system serves as an example to what education is like without God as its foundation. When we allow secularists continuously to remove Christ, Christian symbols, and the Word of God from our schools and the public square; God removes his guidance, power and protection from our country. This is why we have seen the most immoral and most despicable people rise to power in America.

For more than one hundred years, our teachers, administrators, and government agencies have been educating our children, the future of our country, with the underlying principal that God does not matter, that good societies foster the separation of church and state. Today, those children, now adults, are in our news organizations, schools, colleges, and government agencies.

They are ungodly lawyers and judges that litigate cases with the intention of removing Christ, the Bible, and all of our national Christian symbols that have been at the foundation of our country for over two hundred years, from the public square.

Noah was right and we can see the destruction of the family and our society as a direct result of our failure to heed God’s word. Our federal courts are continuing to decline into lawlessness; decisions are no longer based on the law, but ideology and politics.

If we don’t recognize God’s hand in the foundation of our country and return to the foundation that made America great, then we will go the way of despots and we will sell future generations into oppression.

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This website provides historical facts to dispel the lies that are being told about our country. My hope is that godly citizens will take the information, verify it with their own research and study, and then help teach their fellow citizens about the truth of our founding and the need to Restore America’s Foundation, Jesus Christ.

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The call to Restore America’s Foundation has been ignored for more than one hundred years, which is far too long. We have allowed politicians, activists, and rogue courts to remove God from our schools, agencies, and the public square. Look at what is being taught in many schools today. It’s unbelievable. We need to reverse all of this and the only way to accomplish that task is through prayer and education.