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Since the founding of our great country...

Many people have written books educating their fellow citizens on the importance of restoring America’s Judeo-Christian foundation. As a country, we have moved far away from God, and today, we are realizing the devastating effects of that path we have taken. What we see happening across America is so surreal and, in many ways, what we are witnessing does not make any sense.

Deuteronomy Chapter 28, the chapter that George Washington opened the Bible to and placed his hand on those pages when he took the oath of office, describes the blessings a nation will realize when they place God as it’s foundation, or the curses they will realize if that foundation is removed. That chapter explains exactly what we are seeing today. I encourage you to read it.

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About us

This website provides historical facts to dispel the lies that are being told about our country. My hope is that godly citizens will take the information, verify it with their own research and study, and then help teach their fellow citizens about the truth of our founding and the need to Restore America’s Foundation, Jesus Christ.

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Our mission

The call to Restore America’s Foundation has been ignored for more than one hundred years, which is far too long. We have allowed politicians, activists, and rogue courts to remove God from our schools, agencies, and the public square. Look at what is being taught in many schools today. It’s unbelievable. We need to reverse all of this and the only way to accomplish that task is through prayer and education.